Welcome to Arsenal Models.  We
specialize in screen-accurate prop
replica kits from your favorite Science
Fiction films and TV shows. These prop
kits are 1:1 scale highly detailed replicas
of the actual props used on screen.  
Many are casts of actual screen-used
prop weapons.  

All kits are cast in heavy solid white
durable resin and come in full color
boxes picturing the finished prop.  All
kits come with building and painting
Instructions and also any necessary
hardware or labels.  Some of the kits also
include clear or colored resin parts.

Since these are resin garage kits, a little
kit building experience is helpful for
assembling and finishing the prop, but
not necessary. Remember, although the
finished props look very authentic, these
are only static prop guns and cannot be
made to fire anything.   

We also offer resin casting services, for
anyone who wishes to have their own
unique item cast.  We currently are
working on a project for an independent
film company, as well as a line of
grenade replicas for a customer.    Please
see our casting services page for more

Thanks for looking!
ARSENAL MODELS -"Providing the Weaponry to Defend your Universe"