We offer custom casting services.  If you
have an original item that you wish to have
resin copies made of, please email us with a
detailed description of the item and
preferably a photo as well.  Prices are
dependent upon the size and complexity of
the item in question.  

We do require a minimum order of 20 pieces
for any custom casting.  Pricing begins at
around $500.00 for a basic pistol sized
weapon, this includes the cost of  the rubber
mold and first 20 pieces.   Additional orders
of pieces after the initial minimum order are
offered at a lower cost, and these may be
ordered in any quantity you need.  

A price discount can be negotiated if you do
not wish to retain exclusive rights to the
items that you are having cast.

Casting of smaller items, such as doll heads
or action figure accessories, can be done for
a lesser price and in lesser quantities.  
Please contact us directly for more info.

Please email us at ArsenalModels@aol.com
if you have any questions or would like
more information.  Please put "Custom
-Casting" in the memo line.
Custom -Casting Services
We currently hold the license for the MAC pistol
from the upcoming film "Dark Operations",  
released in April 2007.
We also are currently working on a line of replica
World War II and Vietnam era grenades for a
Custom- Casting Services