Resin Prop Kits
These prop kits are 1:1 scale highly detailed
replicas of the actual props used on screen.   
Many of these items are cast from screen
used originals.  Others are customized. We
start with the actual base pistol, and then do
the same modifications that the original prop
builders did.   

See the below pictures for an example of the
types of modifications that are done.

All kits are cast in heavy solid white durable
resin and come in full color boxes picturing
the finished prop.  All kits come with building
and painting Instructions and also any
necessary hardware or labels.  Some of the
kits also include clear or colored resin parts.

Since these are resin garage kits, a little kit
building experience is helpful for assembling
and finishing the prop, but not necessary.
Remember, although the finished props look
very authentic, these are only static prop
guns and cannot be made to fire anything.
Coming soon!
Just Released!  Limited edition, cast in black resin,
limited to 50 pieces!  Done exclusively for the
Super Megashow!  Limited quantities still available!